A Brief History of Pyramid Hill College

The development of a township saw the development of a school.

In 1873 with the demand for land commencing around the “Hill” area came the need for a school. A petition was forwarded to the Victorian Education Department petitioning a school as there were 24 school aged children and more on the way.
Parents built the first school which opened in April 1876. The demand for resources such as books, window blinds, out offices was made to the Education Department soon after. The school was one room with an earthen floor and was on the southern slope of the hill not far from a spring (water supply). At this time a small village has grown around the hill.
In June 1876 the teacher wrote to the Education Department stating that the school was too small for the large amount of students (39) who were attending. The Department proposed a new and larger school rebuilt about 3/4 mile south west of the old school not far from the cemetery. This location did spark some protests but was built and used in March 1877.
In February 1885, the first train reached the now Pyramid railway station located west of the old township. Slowly the new township grew around this location and in 1886 a petition requesting the school be moved was made by parents. After looking at a number of sites the present two acre location in Kelly Street was obtained and the builds were moved. A new opening took place at the start of 1888 and soon after additional building including a residence were built.
Overtime the old buildings were demolished and new ones erected to cater for the increasing numbers and the development of secondary school classes. The schools name changed from the Pyramid School to the Pyramid Hill Central School in 1961 and later to Pyramid Hill Higher Elementary School.